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NJIRM. Year: 2015, Volume: 6, Issue: 6


  1. The Revised Guidelines Of The Medical Council Of India For Academic Promotions -Need for a rethink
    Rakesh Aggarwal1, Nithya Gogtay2, Rajeev Kumar3, and Peush Sahni4 for the Indian Association of Medical Journal Editors*
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 1-5
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  2. Original Article

  3. The Impact Of Mental Health Education On The Knowledge And Attitude Of The Peripheral Health Workers Of Dang
    Shah N. D*, Mehta R. Y**, Dave K. R***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 6-10
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  4. Study Of Carotid Intima Media Thickness In Patients Of Chronic Kidney Disease
    Dharmendra Tiwari*, O P Jatav*, Manish Gupta*, Shamendra Sarraf*
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 11-14
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  5. A Study Of Reproductive Health Needs Of Adolescent Girls Of UHTC Field Practice Area, Govt. Medical College, Bhavnagar
    Dr.M.G.Chauhan*, Dr. H.M.Solanki**, Dr.H.M.Patel***, Dr.M.P.Singh****
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 15-18
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  6. Prevalence, SeroconversionAnd Risk Factors Of Hepatitis B And C Infection In Haemodialysis Patients At District Hospital Of Mehsana
    Komal Patel*, Gaurishankar Shrimali**
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 19-23
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  7. To Know The Effectiveness Of Experimental Protocol Vs Brandt Daroff Exercises On Dizziness In Benign Paroxysomal Positional Vertigo
    Shahanawaz SD* ,Priyanshu.V.Rathod**
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 24-26
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  8. A Study Of Accessory Foramen Transversarium In Dry Cervical Vertebrae And Its Clinical Implications
    Subhash M. Gujar* Sunil G. Oza**, Jaydevsingh P.Shekhawat***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 27-23
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  9. Percutaneous Fixation Of Tibial Plateau Fractures By Cannulated Cancellous Screws With Respect To Time Required For Fracture Union In Relation To Type Of Fracture
    Joti Pandit Bagul*, Pankaj Pandit Dole**
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 31-34
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  10. Effect Of Sex Hormonal Changes On Serum Lipid Profile In Diabetic And Non-Diabetic Indian Females D
    r. H.P. Patel*, Dr. K.D. Pandya**, Dr. A.K. Pandya***, Dr. S.H. Patel****, Dr. P.K. Pandya*****
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 35-38
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  11. Prevalence Of Parasitic Infestations In School Going Children
    Nirav Kacha*, Nayana Ramjibhai Lakum**, Hardik Makwana***, Jayesh Joshi ****, Ashok Agnihotri*****
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 39-42
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  12. Study Of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology In Head And Neck Lesions
    Dr. Deepak Joshi*, Dr.Sejal Kakadiya**, Dr.Biren Parikh***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 43-46
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  13. The Analgesic Effects Of Ginger-Juice (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe) On Wistar Albino Rat
    S.S.Prasad*, R.R.Pathak**, Anupama Desai***, S.K.Vajpeyee****, V.H. Bhavsar*****
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 47-50
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  14. Role Of Imaging In Intracranial Infections And Infestations
    Dr. Drashty Sureshbhai Satodia*, Dr.Dharita Sandeep Shah*
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 51-58
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  15. Varied Hematological Manifestation Of Parvo Virus Infection
    Ghosha Makwana*, Sujata Sharma**, Mamta Manglani***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 59-60
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  16. A Study Of Ossicle At Asterion In Western U.P. Of North Indian Crania
    Zaidi S.H.H*, Kumar Sarangdhar** , Nirala K.P**
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 61-62
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  17. Medical Officers’ Certificate Programme (MOCP) :Competencey Based Curriculum Of Public Health, Maharashtra
    S M Saunik*, M A Phadke**, R Nair***, A V Patil****, P G Menon*****, P R Jakkal******
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 63-65
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  18. Introducing Objective Structured Practical Examination In Physiotherapy
    Dr. Tushar J. Palekar*, Dr. Gaurang D. Baxi**, Dr. Shahnawaz Anwer***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 66-69
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  19. Comparative Evaluation Of Treatment Protocol Of Complex & Compound Odontoma: A Retrospective Study
    Dr Ramita Sood*, Dr Samhita Joshi**, Dr Akshay Langalia***, Dr Hu Wei Hsin****, Dr. Kailash Attur#, Malhar Khamar##
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 70-73
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  20. Evaluation Of Changes In The Oral Environment With Lingual Orthodontic Appliances
    Akshay Gupta*, S. Vikram**, Karanprakash Singh ***, Anur Gupta****
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 74-78
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  21. Review Article

  22. TNF – α Polymorphism In Periodontitis: A Review
    Kith P Jose*, Padma Rajan**, Sujith S Guddad*, Vinesh K Kamath***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 79-82
    » Abstract » PDF

  23. Nature Itself Is The Best Medicine – Herbal Local Drug Delivery In Periodontitis J
    ayanthi Dharmapalan*, Abha Karanjkar**, Prathima Bommineni**, Nomitha Prakash**, Nasiha Fathima Zaheer**
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 83-88
    » Abstract » PDF

  24. Evolution Of Classification Of Bladder (Urothelial) Cancer
    Nitu Kumari*, Uma S. Dubey**, Usha Agrawal***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 89-94
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  25. Early Detection Of Precancerous And Cancerous Lesions – A Review
    Yachana Vipul Patel*, Vivek Sunil Nair*, Madhura Jathar**
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 95-101
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  26. Case Report

  27. RADIX ENTOMOLARIS – A Case Series Of Endodontic Management Of A Rare Anatomic Variation In Mandibular Molars
    Dr DhagashTagdiwala*, Dr Sumita Bhagwat**, Dr Lalitagauri Mandke***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 102-105
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  28. Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: An Occult Disease Waiting To Be Explored
    Mohit Bhatia*, Bibhabati Mishra **, Archana Thakur***, Vinita Dogra***, Poonam Sood Loomba****
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 106-112
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  29. Dermoid Cyst
    Dr. Sonal Madan*, Dr. Deval Mehta**, Dr. Smit Desai***
    NJIRM. 2015; 6(6): 113-115
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