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NJIRM. Year: 2014, Volume: 5, Issue: 4

    Original Article

  1. A Comparative Study of Laboratory Diagnosis ofGenital Chlamydial Infections InWomen By Immunofluorescence And By Conventional Staining Method.
    Dr. H K Bhavsar*, Dr. Nidhi K Sood**, Dr.Manisha M Jain***,Dr.Dhara J Modi***, Hetal Shah****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 1-3
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  2. Quantitative Analysis of Chemical Composition of Gallstones in North Indian Population (Rohilkhand Region, Uttar Pradesh)
    Dr. Biswajit Das*, Dr.Ayaz Khurram Malik**, Dr. Amineur Rehman***, Mr. Sumeru Samanta**, Dr Marya Ahsan****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 4-12
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  3. A Comparative Study Of Anthropometric Parameters In Healthy Sedentary and Non- Sedentary Male Subjects
    Dr. Jayalakshmi MK*, Dr. Ravindra B Patil**, Dr. Rajini S***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 13-16
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  4. Evaluation And Comparison Of Antimicrobial Activity Of Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Neem (Azadirachta Indica) And Triphala Extract Against Streptococcus Mutans&Lactobacillus Acidophilus: An In Vitro Study
    Dr. Shuchi Shah*, Dr. Binita Trivedi**, Dr. Jayan Patel***, Dr. Jay H Dave***, Dr. Neel Sathvara***, Dr. Vaidehi Shah***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 17-21
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  5. Serological Correlation of Clinically Suspected Cases of Leptospirosis in Valsad, South Gujarat
    Dr. Parimal Patel*, Dr. Alka Nerurkar**, Dr. Grishma Trivedi*
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 22-24
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  6. Pathological Spectrum of Urinary Bladder Tumours
    Pavneet Kaur Selhi*, HimanshuBansal**, Harpreet Kaur***, NeenaSood****, VineetaMalhotra*****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 25-29
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  7. Cross -Sectional Study of ‘Abnormal Body Mass Index As A Risk Factor for Premenstrual Syndrome’ In Adolescent Girls of NCR
    Dr. Swati*, Dr. Manisha Jindal**, Dr. Rupali Roy***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 30-35
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  8. Ocular Manifestation in Hypertensive Patients of Jamnagar Disrict
    Dr. Devdatta Gohel*, Dr. Archana Chaudhary**, Dr. Vaishali A. Prajapati***, Dr. Priyanka R. Rane****, Dr. Parth K. Shah*****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 36-40
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  9. Original Research

  10. Comparative Evaluation of Hystero-Salpingography and Laparoscopy For Determination of Tubal Patency
    M.B. Swami*, P. K. Roy **, K. Mahadik***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 40-43
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  11. Original Article

  12. Study of Routine Biochemistry Analytes in Leptospirosis for Evaluating Organ and System Specific Involvement
    Dr. Piyush B. Tailor, Dr. Manisha Kapadia, Dr. Kamal Modi, Dr. Khushbu Soni
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 44-46
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  13. Assessment of Awareness and Presence of Risk Factors for Cancer in a Rural Community Of Uttarakhand, India
    Dr. Ruchi Juyal*, Dr. Rajeev P. Bijalwan**, Dr. Sunil Saini***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 47-50
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  14. A Study of Electrocardiographic and Echo-Cardio Graphic Adaptive Changes in Endurance Athletes
    Dr. Anil B. Warkar*, Dr. A.R. Gawarle**
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 51-55
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  15. A Cephalometric Evaluation of Anterior Deep Bite in Class II Malocclusions
    Dr. Roopal Patel*, Dr. Nalin Patel**, Dr. Poonam Sharma***, Dr. Hareshwaree Hariyani****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 56-60
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  16. Evaluation OfAnalgesic Effect of Femoral Nerve Block for Positioning Of Patient For Subarachnoid Block In Patients With Fracture Femur: A Randomized, Double Blind, Parallel Group, Comparative Study Between Ropivacaine And Bupivacaine
    Dr. Lopa Trivedi*, Dr. Khyati Vaghela*, Dr. Deepshikha Tripathi*, Dr. Ketan Hirani**, Dr. Harish Trivedi***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 61-66
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  17. Validity of Clinical Signs and Symptoms in Diagnosis of Ovarian Mass
    Dr. Jasbir Kaur Saluja*, Dr. P K Roy**, Dr. Kalpana Mahadik***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 67-71
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  18. Review Article

  19. Photodynamic Therapy – The Pragmatic Paradigm
    Sachin Malagi*****, Radhika B*****, Vinesh Kamath*****,
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 72-81
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  20. Malaria Diagnostic Tests: Microscopy And Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) Revisited
    Dr. Jain Subhash C*, Dr. Gupta Deepak**, Dr. Jain Madhu K***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 82-87
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  21. Case Report

  22. Ovarian Cyst Regression With Levothyroxine In Spontaneous Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome Associated With Hypothyroidism.
    Dr. Vaishali Korde-Nayak*, Dr. Rohan Krishnakumar**, Dr. Sushma Sharma*, Dr. Palak Kapadia**
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 88-93
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  23. Management of Large Periapical Lesion of Teeth via Conservative Approach (Report of two cases)
    Dr. Snehalata Patil*, Dr. Ravi S Patil**, Dr. Vani Hegde***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 94-97
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  24. The Surgical Management of Dermato Fibro Sarcoma Protuberance
    Dr. K A Bhadreshwara*, Dr. K D Parmar*, Dr. B H Dave**, Dr. H L Leuva*
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 98-101
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  25. Trabecular Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma in A 13 Year Old Boy– A Case Report
    Dr. Falguni Gor *, Dr. Binita Gandhi **, Dr. Shuchi Shah ***, Dr. Jay Dave ****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 102-104
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  26. Facial Nerve Reanimation with Temporalis Muscle Lengthened By Temporalis Fascia
    Dr. Neelakamal H Hallur***, Dr. Satyajit Dandagi ****, Dr. Shereen Fatima*, Dr. Syed Zakaullah
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 105-107
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  27. Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis-A Case Report
    Dr. Madhuri S. Kate, Dr. Pruthviraj D. Jaybhaye, Dr. Ramesh J. Awari
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 108-111
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  28. An Unusual Presentation of Choriocarcinoma
    Ajad K Sarawagi*, M.B. Swami**, P. K. Roy ***, Roopam Jain****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 112-114
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  29. “Ovate Pontic”- Esthetic Enhancement of the Anterior Restorations
    Dr. Shruti Mehta*, Dr. Dipi Kohli**, Dr. Mira Patel***, Dr. Viral Shah****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 115-117
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  30. A Bilateral Multiple Renal Artery with Lobulated Left Kidney – A Case Report
    Dr. Hamzah Hafezji
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 118-121
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  31. Castleman’s Disease In Parotid Region: A Rare Case From Chhattisgarh
    Singh BR*, Uddesh S*, Deshkar AM **
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 122-123
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  32. Ectopic Pregnancy Complicating Tuberculous Salpingitis
    Sushma N. Ramraje *, Veena I. Pawar **
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 124-127
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  33. Ovarian Pregnancy
    M.B. Swami*, P. K. Roy **, K. Mahadik***
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 128-130
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  34. Idiopathic digital clubbing “An incidental clinical finding”
    Vijayesh Kumar Tiwari*, Nadeem Akbar**, Amit Kumar kushwaha***, Ankit Khurana****
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 131-134
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  35. Correspondence

  36. Amount Returning.... So Vital Indeed!
    Dr. Swapnil Paralikar
    NJIRM. 2014; 5(4): 135-
    » Abstract » PDF



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