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NJIRM. Year: 2013, Volume: 4, Issue: 6

    Original Research

  1. Asymptomatic Bacteriuria In Patients With Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Lakhan Singh*, Ramanesh Murthy**, Hemlata Singh***, Prashant Nigam**** *
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 1-4
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  2. Retrospective And Prospective Study Of Benign And Malignant Uterine Corpus Tumours
    A. Arya, R. Narula, K. Narula, S. Singh
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 5-10
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  3. Association Of Biomass Fuel Smoke Exposure And COPD In Women Of Rural India – A Cross Sectional Hospital Based Study
    Anand Agrawal*, Uma Garg**, Chandermani Madan***, Shikha goel****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 11-17
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  4. Morphometric Analysis and Sex determination from Clavicles in Gujarati Population
    Dr. Hiren S. Chavda *, Dr. Chirag R. Khatri *, Dr. Padma D. Varlekar **, Dr. S. S. Saiyad***
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 18-22
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  5. The Relation Of Falciparum Infection With Human Blood Groups
    Dr. Manish Lamoria*, Dr. K Prabhakaran**, Dr. Soumi H Chaudhuri***, Dr. J M Jadeja****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 23-28
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  6. Evaluation Of Hematological Parameters In Early Onset Neonatal Sepsis
    Dr. Kuhu Pal*, Dr. Arnab Kumar Samanta**
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 29-34
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  7. Awareness Of Anemia Causes Among Saudi Population In Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia
    Hisham Ali Waggiallah*, Mohammed Alzohairy**
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 35-40
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  8. Study On Prevalence Of Hepatitis C Infection In Healthy And High Risk Groups
    Gelotar Prakash*,Gandha Kapil M**, Goswami Y. S. ***
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 41-43
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  9. Propofol Versus Isoflurane Anesthesia: Comparsion Of Hemodynamic Parameters In Cardiac Surgeries
    Dr. Himanshu Shah*, Dr. Mrugank Bhavsar** Dr. Mansi Gandhi***
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 44-49
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  10. Clinical Relevance Of Morphological Variations In Origin And Insertion Of Lumbricals Of Hand In South Gujarat Population
    Dr. Umesh P. Modasiya*, Dr. Neeraj T. Master**, Dr. Rajesh B. Astik***, Mr. Amardeep Bissa*
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 50-53
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  11. Rapid Assessment of IMNCI Programme in Bhavnagar District, Gujarat
    Dr. Harshad Patel*, Dr.Ashish Nayak** Dr. Kailesh Bhalani*, Dr. Ilesh Kotecha ***, Dr M.P.Singh****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 54-58
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  12. Evaluation Of Oral Health Status, Salivary Characteristics And Dental Caries Experience In Down’s Syndrome Children
    Ashish Raurale, Mopagar Viddyasagar*, Swapnil Dahapute, Saurabh Joshi, Chandrashekhar Badakar, Kataria Mitesh, Vivek Purohit
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 59-65
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  13. Ambient Air Pollution And Impairment Of Lung Volumes And Capacities In Young Inhabitants Of Industrial Area Of Kanpur
    Dr Shashi Kant Verma*, Dr Atosh Kumar**, Dr Anand Mishra***, Dr Rajnish gupta****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 65-70
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  14. Clinical Profile And Outcome Of Severe Acute Pancreatitis
    Sanjeev Kumar Singla*,Narender Pal Jain**,Shweta Gupta***, Satpal Singh Virk ****,Pawan Inder Attri*****, Pulkit Sethi*****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 71-74
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  15. MDA and Antioxidants Status in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Roshan Alam ⃰, Saba Khan** and Khushtar Anwar Salman***
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 75-78
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  16. Blended learning : Is it required in Human Physiology ?
    Dr. Pinaki Wani*, Dr Vrinda Dalvi**
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 79-83
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  17. Evaluation Of Pre Test And Post Test Knowledge After Intensive ICTC Team Training Among Health Care Workers In Bhavnagar District
    Dr. Harshad Patel* Dr. Ashish Nayak**, Dr. Naresh Chauhan***, Dr. Dharmendra Jankar****,Dr. Devang Raval*****, Dr. M.P.Singh******
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 84-87
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  18. A Study Of Opportunistic Mycosis In Pulmonary Diseases In A Tertiary Care Hospital
    Dr S.Krishnamurthy, Dr. Khalid Rashid, Dr Kausar Fatemi, Dr T.Sabarinathan
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 88-90
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  19. Retrospective Study Of ABO & Rh Blood Groups In Blood Donors At Dharpur
    Dr Tarun Kotadiya*,Dr. Ankur Patel **, Dr. B.H.Parmar***
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 91-93
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  20. A Study of Symptomatic And Clinical Profile In Dengue Patients
    Dr.Kanu Parmar*, Dr. Bipin Amin**, Dr.Ila Hadiyel***, Dr.Bharti Koria****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 94-96
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  21. A Cross- Sectional Study to Assess The Prevalence & Certain Associated Risk Factors For Postpartum Depression In Women In A Tertiary Care Hospital
    Kaser Vivek*, Dr. (Mrs.) Shah H.K.**
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 97-101
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  22. Spectral Domain oct Patterns Of Macular Edema Associated With Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion In Indian Eyes
    Dr Somesh Aggarwal*, Dr Puja Billore **, Dr Rekha Bharwada ****, Dr Sonali Shah***, Dr Neha Desai***
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 102-106
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  23. Circadian Variation In Onset Of Myocardial Infarction : Comparison Between Diabetics (Niddm) And Non-Diabetics
    Mishra P.* , Sahoo B.** , Bhimani N.* , Rathi N****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 107-110
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  24. Comparative Study Of Prostaglandin E2 Gel With Oxytocin Infusion for Induction Of Labor
    Dr Archana Sharma *, Dr Monika Singh**, Dr. Priti Bala Sahay***, Dr Suneet K Upadhyaya#, Dr Rekha Thaddanee##, Dr Ajeet K Khilnani###
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 111-115
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  25. A Comrarative Study On Effect Of Exercise Intensity On Cardiovascular Variables During Concentric And eccentric Resistive Knee Extention Exercise On Healthy Male
    Dr. Ankur Khant*,Dr. Maulik Shah**
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 116-121
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  26. Evaluation Of Effect Of Dexmeditomidine As An Adjuvant To Bupivacaine In Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block
    Dr Amit R. Khade*, Dr Jayendra C Makwana**,Dr Nishita K Jethva+,Dr Sahil Bansal*, Dr Palak Chudasama***, Dr Indu A Chadha****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 122-127
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  27. Awareness Regarding Stroke In Rural Community Of Vadodara .
    Dr.Alok Parekh*, Dr.Malay Parekh**, Dr.Prithvirajsinh Vaghela***, Dr.Dhara Shah**, Dr.Vadasmiya Divyeshkumar#, Dr. Arvindkumar##
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 128-131
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  28. Review Article

  29. Impact Of Lifestyle Diseases On Oral Health
    Junaid Ahmed, Saranya B, Nandita Shenoy, Almas Binnal
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 132-137
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  30. Case Report

  31. Importance Of Histopathology in the Treatment of Maxillofacial Lesions
    Dr. Arnavaz M. Havewala*,Dr. Swarn Arora**
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 139-142
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  32. A Case Report on Wilson’s Disease
    Karisetty Basappa, G.Surender, Dr. (Mrs) M.Lahkar, Dr. Urmi Choudhury
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 143-144
    » Abstract & References » PDF

  33. Technical Note

  34. Primary Internal Iliac Artery Ligation – An Effective Technique For Surgical Hemostasis In Wertheim’s Hysterectomy
    Dr (Col) P. K. Roy* , Dr (Col) K C Kharkwal**, Dr Arpita Das***, Dr Kalpana Mahadik****, Dr Roopam Jain*****
    NJIRM. 2013; 4(6): 145-147
    » Abstract & References » PDF



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